Brett Sutherlin (Owner & CEO Sutherlin Auto Group)

Jeff is a very passionate leader that gives back to the community and to veterans. I used Jeff for a project at Lead Revenue. His ability to quickly learn any industry is impressive. Always ahead of schedule on the project. I highly recommend! 

Aubrey Wrenn (Owner & CEO Proven Valor Professionals)

Jeff is an outstanding example of a trusted and resilient leader and entrepreneur. I have worked with Jeff on many projects in multiple capacities and Jeff consistently performs and finds a way to succeed. Jeff possesses skills and experience that blend well with his business acumen that make him a vital asset to any organization he belongs to or is working with. I have seen Jeff persevere through the most dire situations only to come out victorious with his team right beside him. He is an insightful, dedicated and trustworthy professional that knows how to get results and create wins for anyone that partners with him. I highly recommend him for any role that requires only the most proficient and poised leader and I am honored to calm him my partner and my friend. 

Richard Fleek (Co-Founder of The Scuttlebutt Podcast)

Jeffrey Sabins is one of the finest Americans I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Mr. Sabins is definitely a success story! Anybody that can go from combat Marine to successful entrepreneur so smoothly has my endorsement.

Tom Campbell (Colonel, USMC Retired)

Jeffrey Sabins is the proven professional to which we all aspire, and who we are always looking to hire. 

I led an organization transformed by Jeffrey using the model that is today Proven Valor. Jeffrey and Proven Valor will analyze your organization's challenges, build a team to address them, and work tirelessly until every task is complete. 

As the chief executive for 550 personnel with an $11.5 mil budget, I was able to focus on the big picture and the strategic direction because over and over again Jeffrey would identify, analyze, team-build, attack and resolve emergent issues, regardless of their nature. Operations, HR, talent development, training, project management - it didn't matter. The more I empowered Jeffrey the more productive, stable and efficient our organization became. 

Complex, high-stakes problem solving is Jeffrey's specialty. So during these times of employment and supply chain uncertainty, the sooner you bring Jeffrey and the Proven Valor team of professionals aboard, the sooner your effectiveness and efficiency will grow as well. 

Jon McCormack (Major, USMC Retired)

Jeff is an intelligent and dedicated Senior Leader on our team who fully understands the intricacies and scope of Operations and Project Management. A natural leader with a passion for learning, he is exactly the type of person I would want to hire in the civilian sector to keep my business moving upward and onward. Jeff is detailed oriented and results driven and his nearly twenty years of military service have sharpened his professional edge. He simply produces amazing results, every time. 

Keith Richardson (Owner & CEO of Modern Warrior MMA)

Jeffrey is one of the best Marines I've worked with. He is brave, smart and skilled. He understand how to lead those both above and below him. When it comes to training he is diligent in training himself and those in his charge. Having seen him perform in some of the hardest situations imaginable, I can confidently give him my highest recommendation and hold him in the highest regard.